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Pengu ☆
12 April 2020 @ 10:23 am

Epic Popcorn Only


Nice to meet you. I am Pengu.

✖ Pengu / Sandy, 25, Female, French Canadian.
✖ Speaks French in everyday life, English as second language, unintelligible Japanese when alone.
✖ Already considered an 'old' obsessed Arashi fan, been there since 2008.
✖ Also enjoys Kanjani8, Supernatural and Harry Potter in her free time.
✖ Heavy sleeper, shower-singer, shrimps hater, proud kitten-owner, wannabe photographer, Rainbow lover.
Casual graphic-maker, desperate joker, unoriginal writer.

★ I suck at commenting, but I read everything I can.
★ I don't post often, but when I do, it is usually about rl or the flawless mystery that is Arashi.
★ There's an unhealthy collection of tags on this journal.
★ If in need of more affection and loving, you can also find me on Tumblr and Twitter.
★ I was almost inactive for a long time, but I needed intellectual stimulation. And friends. Mostly friends.

If interested, please leave a comment bellow, or on the Stalker Post!


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Pengu ☆
14 May 2019 @ 04:17 pm
In my long career as a fangirl *snorts*, I've heard often, well read in our case, something like "I've been stalking you for a while 8DD". While I probably should be scared and run away, I'm actually quite pleased in a completely narcissist fashion.

This is why I created this post. This is only a test, I don't think it'll work, but hey, it's all worth the try. 8D

*Kitto Daijoubu in background*

✖ This is where you can comment before leaving a comment on the Friends Only post, so we can talk a little and you can see that I'm actually only an idiot. :3
✖ If you have any shout-outs, it's here too.
✖ Wanna fangirl? It's here. *nods* Please keysmash on this entry, too. *nods nods*
✖ Shower me with half-naked pictures. *opens arms*
✖ Sho's latest half-naked photoshoot was hot? Aiba-chan has done something stupid, again? The newest PV is orgasmic? Maruyama is naturally awesome? Koki is totally the pimp of Kat-Tun and it's hot? I wanna know everything. Tell me. D:
✖ Friends, you want to say something but don't know where, it's here. 8D
✖ You think the latest picspam missed something? The graphics are too plain? Suggestions? 8D
✖ You have graphic requests? Fanfic requests? Picspam requests? Questions? 8D

So, yes. XD This is like a shout box, completely and unashamedly inspired by yay_box ♥, and I don't think it'll work, but please leave a little comment if you pass by. 8DD I love talking. I love everyone. I love Aiba, too. ♥

From spazzcrack
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Pengu ☆
27 January 2013 @ 01:20 pm
All right, so I made what we used to call a 'friend-cut', but is nowadays called 'you haven't updated your journal in two years so, yeah...' xD

I basically unfriended people who haven't updated their journals in over a year, or we didn't talk that much anyway. If you don't update your journal, but still comment anyway, feel free to leave a comment here to say I should add you back. ♥

There are some people who haven't updated in years but I just can't bring myself to unfriend them. Don't judge me. ;_;

All right. That's all. :3 Have a nice day!
Pengu ☆
16 March 2012 @ 09:50 pm
In all these years of keeping this LJ, it has only recently (like, this morning) occured to me that I haven't done any real intro post. So here. Learn about me.


My everyday name is Sandra, but people usually call me San, Sandy, Sandude or Sandwich. I have imaginative friends, and I love them a lot. My fandom and online friends tend to call me Pengu, which I also adore. I'm a 21 year-old convenience store assistant-manager, and yes, I plan to go back to school eventually. I live in Montreal, Canada, and I am not that interested in hockey. I wanna travel, but I gotta go get a passport, and that thing costs money, so yeah. One thing at a time.

A few things bulleted for the pleasure of fast reading:

P E R S O N A L __ L I F E
* I'm a short girl, 5"3 (160 cm). But I think of myself as 'fun-sized' instead of short.
* If it wasn't obvious enough, my favorite animal is the penguin. Because they're classy and awkward at the same time, and I recognize myself there.
* The second favorite would be the platypus, because what the hell is that?
* My favorite color is green, because it's pretty. Yes.
* I can sleep for 15 hours straight. Except when I can't.
* I own a kitten that is not a kitten anymore. And there's a budgie called Tommy, but it's living with my mom.
* I speak three languages: French, English and the Moose Call when drunk. I'm Canadian after all.
* Arashi has mellowed my music tastes, but I'm actually a fan of rock and punk, and when I'm feeling wild, punk-rock.
* I'm bisexual, which means I enjoy everything equally.
* My favorite movie of all time is The Lion King, and that's exactly how epic I am.
* I'm a very bad liar, but a very good entertainer, just like that time I went kayaking with Johnny Depp. He was really entertained.
* I still can't eat with chopsticks, even after three years of assiduous practise.

* I'm currently full-time into two distinct fandoms: Arashi and Supernatural. I know, they're like total extremes, but in the end, the homoerotic subtext wins.
* I enjoy angsty OTP, such as Sakumoto and Destiel. I enjoy all the painful emotions they bring me, and I enjoy it good.
* My real Arashi OTP would be Sakuraiba though, because hey, flimsy bromance. ♥
* I casually enjoy Sakurai Sho and Jared Padalecki's bodies.
* I have a lot of feelings for a man who tweets pictures of himself naked on a horse (Misha Collins), and a man who puts on a costume full of mirrors so he can blend into stuff (Aiba Masaki). It's like my whole personality explained in a few words.
* I read fanfictions like my life depends on it. (And it maybe does.)
* I've been a fangirl since I'm 11 years old, and I blame it all on Harry Potter. (But it's not like I regret anything.)
* I'm attracted to NC-17 fics like a mosquito to my legs.

So I guess that's about it. It's a whole lot more than you probably need to know, but hell, deal with it.

Questions? Comments? Random hugs? Show me the meaning of being lonely? Is this the feeling I need to walk with?
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